Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Jan 2nd - First Fast of the Year

Today, I shall mostly be eating this! Having started on an "intermittent fasting" regime before Christmas, I lost 13lb and felt very, very well on it! I stopped for a couple of weeks or so over the festive period (and ate and drank with gay abandon!) and put 5lb back on ... this didn't bother me at all, as I had half-expected to put back even more!

The 5:2 diet ("fasting" for two days a week, eating whatever I want the rest of the time) suits me very well, so I am quite happy to be back to it today. Many people are finding this a good way to lose weight, but the other health benefits of intermittent fasting (giving the body a day off from eating, so that it goes into "healing mode") are equally important to me.

For more information, try Kate Harrison's excellent book The 5:2 Diet (Paperback £6.99/Kindle Download £1.09) or join her Facebook group where you will find many others enjoying this way of eating and get lots of support and useful tips.

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